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Hello all! It seems the videos I posted disappeared into the ether. I think I will remake them and repost for your viewing pleasure. I'llget right on this...

So I get a lot of questions about my process and I am happy to share the basic techniques of my pseudo Mishima process. A special hats off to Molly Hatch for inspiring me to figure out my own adaptation. It took me about a year and a half to hammer it all out so don’t get frustrated if handling the calligraphy pen is awkward at first. That will come in time…promise. Practice make perfect ;)

Anyway, here are four videos to get you going. You can click on the image above to link to them or you can click here.  As mentioned at the bottom of each one, feel free to share these videos with your friends and colleagues and students, but just remember to give me a little high five. And if you have questions fee free to find me through my website: or through my Instagram account @foragestudios